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Seashell Whale Tail || Rabo de baleia ~ Azul

Seashell Whale Tail || Rabo de baleia ~ Azul

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Immerse yourself in the beauty of the ocean with this unique Whale Tail seashell art. 🐋

Handcrafted with little pieces of different Blue Mussel Shells || Mytilus edulis found in Algarve, Portugal.

These carefully arranged mussel shell pieces form an intricate mosaic, showcasing the majestic silhouette of a whale tail. The varying colors and shades of the shells add depth and texture, capturing the beauty of the ocean.

This unique and eye-catching piece is perfect for beach lovers, ocean enthusiasts, or anyone seeking to bring a touch of coastal charm into their home.

🐚  Blue Mussel Shells || Mytilus edulis
▼  Seashell Whale Tail is set in a white box and glass fronted frame. It measures 30.5 x 37.5 x 4.5 cm and has the option to hang.
🚩  This piece will be shipped to you carefully wrapped in tissue paper and in a protective box. Please Note: When possible, I use recycled or re-used protection materials to wrap my orders.
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