SEA BY LOU creates unique, one-of-a-kind and handmade artworks and jewelry using carefully collected sea treasures.

There is so much beauty in nature when we take a minute and look closer.

Be amazed by all the colors and forms that are created in the ocean.

Are you looking for a unique gift or special piece for yourself? Bring the ocean into your home and honor the beauty of the ocean with a piece from SEA BY LOU.


Who is Sea?


My name is Marlou and I am the Sea-E-O of SEA BY LOU. Mar means sea in many languages and friends call me Lou.

I am an eco-conscious shell artist from NL/PT, where I live close to the sea.

In 2021 I created my first piece to honor my love for the ocean.

My artwork and jewelry reflects the beauty of our ocean and beaches.

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