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SEASHELL NECKLACE ~ Gold Common Tower Shell

SEASHELL NECKLACE ~ Gold Common Tower Shell

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Experience the charm of Portugal's coastline with the new collection Seashell Stainless Steel Necklaces featuring a handpicked shell from the beaches of Portugal. 

Each necklace is unique and it embodies the magic of the ocean and the stories it holds.* 🌊🐚  

This necklace is adorned with a beautiful bordeaux Common Tower Shell found by me in Algarve, Portugal. 

The natural reef textures and coastal charm of the Common Tower Shell complements the shimmering gold stainless steel necklace chain. 

~ It's more than just jewelry; it's a wearable reminder of the ocean's wonders ~ 

Whether you're seeking to adorn yourself with a piece of coastal elegance or searching for a unique gift for those who cherish the beauty of the ocean, these Seashell Stainless Steel Necklaces are a perfect choice.

Carry the spirit of the ocean wherever you go. 🐚🌊✨

🐚 Turritellinella tricarinata|| Common Tower Shell*
▼ Stainless Steel
▼ Length: 45 cm with extend option to 50 cm. The shell pendant is approx. 4 cm
🌿 All shells are ethically collected, safeguarding our coastal ecosystems
🚩  Please try to keep this jewelry away from make up, shower gel, crème, lotions, perfume etc. to keep it in great quality and long lasting
🌊 *Follow SEABYLOU on Instagram to get more information about specific seashells

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