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Sea Summer Mix || Mar e Verão III

Sea Summer Mix || Mar e Verão III

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A breathtaking and colorful piece of coastal art that captures Portugal's beautiful beaches with this Sea Summer Mix || Mar e Verão III.

This unique artwork brings the beauty of the ocean into your home. Created with a collection of 30 tiny sea treasures handpicked by me from the beaches in Portugal this summer. 

Each shell holds a story of the ocean, crafted by nature herself. From delicate elegance of the Sting Winkle shell to the beauty of the Abalone shell, this diverse colorful shell mix captures the essence of summer and brings the coastal vibes into your home.

Some of the sea treasures in this piece are: 

  • Sting Winkle shell
  • Flat Topshell 
  • Jingle shells 
  • Banded Venus shells
  • Scallop shell 
  • Cowrie shells
  • Rustic Dove shell 
  • Coquina shell 
  • Cone shell 
  • Abalone shell 
  • Magus Topshell 
  • Mediterranean Cockle shell 
  • Sea glass
  • Limpet shell 
  • Pelican's Foot shell
  • Mussel shell 

Bring that coastal joy into your home with a timeless and unique piece that beautifully captures the spirit of the ocean.


🐚  Sting winkle, magus topshell, mediterranean cockle, mussel, sea glass, scallop, topshell, limpet, rustic dove, cone, jingle, cowrie, banded venus, abalone, pelican's foot, coquina and many more. 
▼  Sea Summer Mix is set in a white box and glass fronted frame. It measures 15.5 x 20.5 x 4.5 cm and is ready to hang or displayed.
🌿 All shells are ethically collected, safeguarding our coastal ecosystems
🚩  This piece will be shipped to you carefully wrapped in tissue paper and in a protective box. Please Note: When possible, I use recycled or re-used protection materials to wrap my orders.
🌊 *Follow SEABYLOU on Instagram to get more information about specific seashells.



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