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SARDINE FISH Ring ~ 925 Sterling Silver

SARDINE FISH Ring ~ 925 Sterling Silver

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Inspired by the charm of Portugal's coastal waters, this 925 Silver Sardine Ring reflect the nation's deep-rooted connection to the ocean.🇵🇹🐟

In many cultures the fish holds a symbolic meaning, often representing abundance, wealth, faith and good fortune

The Sardine Fish holds a special place in the Portuguese culture, they symbolize resilience and prosperity.

Sardines are a national symbol often associated with the sea and the spirit and rich traditions of Portugal, making this Sardine Ring a meaningful tribute to maritime heritage.

The ring is made with 926 sterling silver and is adjustable to any size to ensures a customized fit, offering both style and comfort for every occasion.

Add this ocean inspired 925 Silver Sardine Ring now to your jewelry collection.

▼  925 sterling silver
▼  Size: adjustable
🚩  Please try to keep this jewelry away from make up, shower gel, crème, lotions, perfume etc. to keep it in great quality and long lasting
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