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Treat yourself or surprise a loved one with this stunning Coastal Chic Cowrie Shell Bracelet.

***Please note: These are real shells, not fake acrylic shells you see around a lot. These shells are created by a tiny little animal in our ocean. ***

🐚 European Cowrie: The bracelet's centerpiece is an unique European Spotted Cowrie Shell, handpicked from the beautiful shores of Portugal. Each shell tells a story of seashores and timeless charm.

~ Did you know these cowrie shells all have 3 dots? How cute! ~

💚 Jade's Natural Serenity: Introducing the timeless appeal of jade beads, revered for their spiritual significance and harmonizing properties. These beads infuse the bracelet with a sense of tranquility and natural beauty.

Gold Waxed Cord: Braided with high-quality gold waxed cord not only adds a touch of coastal glamour but also ensures durability. The adjustable design ensures a comfortable fit, allowing you to carry a piece of the sea wherever you go.

Adorn your wrist with the essence of the ocean and wear this bracelet as a symbol of serenity, positive vibes, and coastal bliss. 🐚💚✨

🐚  European cowrie or spotted cowrie shell || Trivia monacha*
▼  High quality waxed cotton cord, jade beads and wooden beads
▼  This bracelet has a sliding knot and is adjustable to any size (max. 12 cm)
🐚  Please note that these are product photos and the shell can vary by pattern since all shells are unique and one of a kind
🌿 All shells are ethically collected, safeguarding our coastal ecosystems
🚩  Please try to keep this jewelry away from make up, shower gel, crème, lotions, perfume etc. to keep it in great quality and long lasting
🌊 *Follow SEABYLOU on Instagram to get more information about specific seashells
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