My name is Marlou and I am the Sea-E-O of SEA BY LOU. Mar means sea in many languages and friends call me Lou.

I am an eco-conscious shell artist from NL/PT and I live close to the sea. In 2021 I created my first piece to honor my love for the ocean. 

My artwork and jewelry reflects the beauty of our ocean and beaches.

Ever since I was a little girl my love for the ocean has been endless. I could spend forever at the beach, swimming, watching over the ocean, listening to the sound of the waves and shelling along the coastline. 

There is so much beauty in nature when we take a minute and look closer. Be amazed by all the colors and forms that are created in the ocean.

With the beautiful sea treasures I carefully collect at the beach, I like to create unique pieces of artwork and jewelry. Most of the shells in my collection are from the beautiful beaches in Portugal.

Please check the description of every piece to get more information and details about what shells have been used and where the shells are from.